Heat setting a item I can't iron...
  • I am painting a boned corset for a costume. The Lumiere directions say to heat set the paint by ironing the item - but I can't iron a corset! Can I use a blow dryer or heat gun to heat set the paint?
  • Hi Makalina,

    Our Air Fix product can be added to the paint and that allows the paint to fix without the addition of heat. http://jacquardproducts.com/airfix.html
    Also, if you aren't planning to wash the piece (as it is for a costume) you don't need to worry about heat setting it as the paint will cure on its own for all purposes short of washing.

    hope this helps
  • Thank you so much! I wish I had known about Air Fix before I started painting...but now I do know and I am sure I will use Lumiere again.
  • Lumiere is luscious!
    glad I could be of (tardy) help