No Flow Primer with regular textile paints?
  • Hi,

    I'm about to paint a cotton shirt. I've always just painted and dealt with the bleed if/when it happened. But I saw the No Flow Primer and was wondering if I can use this on cottons, rayon and other fabrics, not silk? If so, will I get the same incredible hand (not sure how else to say this, but don't want to feel the paint) at the end of the process as I do when I'm just using paint? One of the reasons I love your textile paints is that, once I've set the paint and washed the item, you can't feel any raised area from the paint.


  • Hi Axe,

    Oh yeah! You can use the No Flow on the heavier fabrics and get a similar antifusant effect. It takes a bit more of the No Flow to completely penetrate the cottons/rayons/etc., but it is really fun to paint the treated fabrics because the No Flow gives you a lot of control over the bleed, especially with the Textile Paints as they are fairly viscous already. If you paint with the Dye-Na-Flow Paints using the No Flow is really nice. You have the transparency of the Dye-Na-Flow and the control of the more viscous paints.
    As for the hand - once you've heat set the paints the No Flow washes right out - so lovely!
    I think you've just opened a whole new door for yourself - have fun!

  • Thanks so much for your quick answer! That's fantastic! I think it's going to make painting a lot faster.

    And thanks for adding the Dyn-Na-Flow info. That's my next project. I am tired of dyeing my pieces first and I want to have more control over the placement of the color. So I was going to try that next. I watched a video where the person put salt on the painted fabric with the DNF. I assume I can do that with regular fabrics, not just silk?
  • You are most welcome.
    As to the salt - yep, works well on all fabrics. It is fun to play with different sizes of salt grains, too.