How much heat nylon really can resist without any damage to the fabric?

  • Can anyone share experiences dyeing of 100% nylon slip with Jacquard Acid Dyes using top stove method
    The question is the temperature, while most nylon clothes fabric have washing instruction of 40 degrees Celsius, dyeing instructions suggest heating near to boiling temperature. How much heat nylon really can resist without any damage to the fabric?
  • There are different types of nylon that can withstand different temperatures. I would test any fabric I planned to dye if I were not able to obtain specific recommendations from the fabric retailer or manufacturer.
  • Thank for a suggestion but I can't imagine how to test with each item being different?
    Isn't there any experiences exceeding manufacturer suggested washing temperature by 20-30 degrees?
    Heating fabric up to boiling?
    Examples and experiences that nylon can be successfully dyed at lower temperatures?
  • I don't have specific experience dyeing nylon, though I do hear from people that do dye nylon, successfully, using the Acid Dyes. Most often I hear from folks dyeing ripstop type fabrics and they report great successes and no problems with the higher temperatures.
    In general I think that nylons are going to do well at the temps required to dye with Acid Dyes.
    I would recommend checking with Paula Burch at her web site, she may have more information or someone at her forum may have personal experience.