red wine worsened with Didi
  • Please help me. I ruined my favorite pair of Chico's pants (97% cotton 3% elastane) by spilling red wine on them. They are light tan. I then really messed up by putting Didi 7 on the stain because it works wonderfully well on white. Well, it must have bleach in it, it turned the wine pink. I tried the ecru Procion MX today. Followed all of the steps. Didn't do any good. Called the help line and Kim was great. She recommended a combo of idye and idye poly on the stovetop, but I am reading that elastane, even at 3% can't take the heat. Will anything cover this bleached out area and cover it all evenly with the rest of the pant? :( Thank you. Lynn
  • Hi Lynn,

    This is one of those real problem situations. The biggest issue is trying to achieve an even dyeing over an uneven base. Because dye is transparent trying to get to a light colored finish and effectively disappear the stained spot is pretty difficult - especially as there is a bit of pink in the stain spot.
    Your best bet will be to dye the pants a darker color - and because there is the elastane in the fabric content I would recommend using the Procion MX.
    ...just a note; though I've not dyed elsatane or spandex mixed fabrics using the higher heat methods, we have heard from folks who've had good luck with the iDye colors for natural fibers, using a slightly lower temperature (about 150 - 175 Fahrenheit)
    And thanks for your kind comment about Kim! We love when folks take the time to tell us they've had good service.

    don't hesitate to write if you have more questions.