Soda ash steps
  • Tie dyeing a few pairs of jean shorts this weekend and grabbed a bag of soda ash to help the colors stay/be colorful. I am a tid confused though on what order I should do everything in. I see a lot of people tie, then soak in ash, then color (or soak, tie, dye). I would do this but I am doing such a small area and with colors that I really don't want to bleed together (blue/yellow's) so having them wet when dyeing makes me think it will bleed.

    Should I rather soak in ash, dry, tie, then dye? If so, will a dryer affect the ash at all, or do I need to air dry?
  • Hi E,

    We recommend pre-soaking your garments with the soda ash prior to dyeing. Tying first or after is a purely personal choice, though if you do tie after the soak we recommend wearing gloves as the soda ash will dry your hands. (I do prefer tying after the soak as tying wet allows for more control of the process.)
    As to dyeing dry or wet, again, a personal choice but you will get a slightly different effect from the two methods. The dye does flow more freely when the fabric is wet so you do have a bit more control over the colors when applying to dry cloth. I would air dry (I usually soak, tie and lay garments out in the sun or in a warm spot in the house.) as the soda ash might shluff off in the dryer and could cause irritation if transferred to later loads of clothing.

    have fun!