Can I paint over Dorland wax with acrylics, watercolor or gel pens in an art journal?
  • Hi!

    I bought some Dorland's wax today to to keep my art journal pages from sticking together. I use watercolor (regular and permanet, ie inktense) , acrylic (paint pens - posca) , gel pens (sakura gelly roll, glaze), colored pencil, permanent & non - permanent markers and soft oil pastels (crayola portfolio).

    If I create a background with oil pastels and covered it with dorland wax, would I be able to put other media over it (like acrylic paint pens, watercolor, gel pens, etc)? If so, does it have to dry first & what drying time is recommended? Would it damage markers?

    If I had a non-permanent watercolor as first base, could I paint then apply the wax as 2nd coat, then clear matte medium as 3rd coat, and then paint more watercolor on the matte medium? Basically, I would be sealing the non-permanent watercolor so that I could paint over it without it blending into the new coat.

    Or is Dorland's wax just for the final layer and it is not recommended to put other media over it?

    Thank you so much for your time and any response is greatly appreciated :)
  • Hello ArtJ,

    Thanks for writing in.
    I wouldn't recommend trying to add layers of acrylic or water colors over a layer of Dorland's Wax. Because the wax is hydrophobic it is going to 'reject' any water based medium.
    I'd suggest using only oil based mediums on top of the Dorland's.

    have fun! - and we'd love to see some of your work.
  • Thank you for the prompt reply :) I have coated a blank page and plan on experimenting when it is dry with different mediums. Good to know that only oil based media will cover a Dorland wax base. Maybe I will look into some oil based colored pencils. The crayola soft oil pastels are water soluble and may be a good option to put a watercolor look over Dorland wax. Thx again :)
  • most welcome!