Paint on dark silk
  • I want to paint on dark silk. what is the best product and technique?
    Would Jacquard neopaque be suitable?
  • Also, since this will be on a tie, will it be dry cleanable?
  • Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in. The Neopaque is a perfect choice for painting on a dark fabric. Another good choice are the Lumiere Paints. These paints are dry cleanable when fixed using either heat or our Air Fix product.

    happy painting!
  • Hi Mkweerth & Anet .

    Thank you for posting this question. I used neopaque paint on my black silk scarf. However the paint is hard, brittle (lost all soft touch of silk) . What did I do to paint on black or dark silk but still maintain the softness of the silk .

    I also tested the neopaque paint on the white silk . I thought, if I paint the background in black ; it would be easier than on black . When I painted on white with dynaflow, the flower looks good but the dark background look uneven, blotchy .

    Please help . THanks
  • Hi Terry,

    One of the issues when painting with the heavier bodied paints on a lightweight fabric is just what you mention - (though we seldom hear that our paints are brittle). The hand of lightweight fabrics will definitely be affected by the more viscous paints. One way to avoid that is to use a very light layer of the paint - painting with an almost dry brush. This will likely give you some variation in coverage, but if you can make that work for you it does offer less affect to the hand of the fabric.
    As for (if I understand you correctly) painting with the black Dye-Na-Flow onto white silk, it sounds as if you are covering a larger area and with that there is always the issue of painting wet on wet. If you happen to paint wet on dry, or even if your wet strokes are overlapped much you are likely to see the uneven finish you describe. It might take a bit of practice, but I know of many silk artist that achieve stunning results with the Dye-Na-Flow on silk.
    hope this helps,
  • Annette

    Thank you very much for explaining. I got it and will practice . I received a hand painted scarf as a gift and love it so much . The gloss of the dyes, color, & finish touch are so magnificent on silk . However, I have tried many scarves - somewhat of 30 pieces but my colors are dull . I wish I can send you the pictures so you can give me the advice as well as recommendation on the correct dyes or paints. Thanks
  • Hi again,

    Silk is a wonderful surface for painting - there are so many magnificent silk painters out there.
    While our Dye-Na-Flow paints are a wonderful medium for painting on silk there is nothing like painting with true dyes.
    Because Dye-Na-Flow is a pigment there is some small loss of the translucency and vibrancy of the silk itself. True dyes such as Acid Dyes or our Green or Red Label dyes are completely translucent and enhance and allow the sheen and luster of silk to shine through.
    If you are interested in exploring the use of dyes in silk painting you might want to start with the Green Label as we have a dye set concentrate which makes the setting of the dye very easy. Having said that, you will get the most spectacular results if you steam set the dyes.
    Now that I've given you, probably, more information that you were looking for, I'm going to give you a link to one of my favorite silk painters - Karen Sistek - she is amazing!

    Have fun in your adventures with silk!