How to get rid of smell after dyeing?
  • I recently dyed a couple of cotton sweaters using a mix of idye and idye poly (one of them had polyester thread). I machine dyed using a 95degC cycle, followed by a wash and then air dryed outside. I noticed a REALLY strong smell from the sweaters after washing, so I washed again (at 95degC) but there is still a really, really strong chemical smell. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this? Thanks :)
  • Hi, thanks for writing us about this issue.
    I'm going to contact our technical department about this - I've not had this problem in the past so want to check further. It will be Monday before I am able to chat with them, so watch for further info then.

  • Hello again,

    I was able to speak with our C.O.O., who is also the head of our lab. He tells me that the odor is a characteristic of disperse dyes (iDye Poly is a disperse dye). The thing to do is was the piece several more times in hot water and the odor will dissipate.
  • Thank you Annette, I will wash some more!
  • Most welcome!