Vinyl Sulphon Dyes for matching wool and cotton?
  • I have experience using acid dyes on wool and silk yarn. I also have experience using procion MX for tie dye on cotton. I have a customer who is interested in having matching colors on cotton garments and wool yarn. It looks like the vinyl sulphon dyes would work on both but will the colors be the same?
  • Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for checking in with us about this.
    You are right in assuming the vinyl sulphon dyes will work on both fiber types, however, the likelihood of both fibers coming out the same exact color are slim. Each fiber type will take different aspects of any given dye so you will most likely get shifts of color from the same dye.
    Hope this helps you get closer to where you are trying to be.
  • Thanks for the reply Annette. That is what I suspected. Do you think it would be a better starting place than separate acid and procion?
  • ...personally, I'd stick with the Acid and Procion dyes as that is where my experience lies, I have swatches for those dyes on a number of different fibers and have those dyes in my personal stash.
    There is also the matter of cost - while the Vinyl Sulphon dyes are very cost effective in the long run, it might be a bit spendy trying to come up with just the right combo of colors.

    Not a hard and fast answer, but hope it helps!