Cotton quilt top with very visible sun-faded fold-line stripes
  • I want to salvage a 100% cotton quilt top with badly faded stripes from sun-fade along several fold lines.
    I wonder if I can use a paint brush or sponge brush to paint or dye along the faded lines to blend with original color. Any advice?
    If so, which product, and how would I use it?
    Thank you for efforts to advise.
  • I would recommend Dye-Na-Flow for this project, as it is an easy to use paint that will leave no hand on your fabric ( Dye-Na-Flow is a liquid, transparent paint. You can blend the color you want, and add water (up to 25%) to achieve even greater transparency. Blend in white for lighter shades. Alternatively, you could use Textile Color (, which is thicker in the bottle and won't bleed, allowing for better control. Both paints may be applied with a sponge or brush. Allow the paint to dry 24 hours and then heat set with a dry iron (or, alternatively, use Airfix to chemically set the paint: The challenge here will be to blend the exact color to match the rest of the quilt. You'll just have to start mixing colors until you achieve exactly hat you are looking for!
  • Thank you, Asher.
    I'll read about each of your suggestions and go from there.