Natural Linen Colors: White Linen Slip Covers
  • Hello~

    I am looking to dye white linen slipcovers in a more natural fiber color. This is the color I'm hoping for (I think of oatmeal):$web_zoom$&/1203281352/sisal-linen-runner.jpg

    I am not sure whether Ecru or Pearl Grey ProcionmX dye is a better match--or a forumula of the two? I would appreciate any feedback, thanks!
  • If I want a lighter colour than Gun Metal would you suggest I use Silver Grey, I have already bought the Gun Metal as that is all the shop had but since going onto your web site have discovered the colour Silver Grey. Could I halve the quantity of dye solution or have item in solution for shorter time.
  • Silver Grey will give you a more neutral tone, whereas Gun Metal often sits on the bluer side of grey. You can absolutely cut back the dye for paler colors (don't cut your dye time--it's the dye to water ration you want adjust).
    Isinat01, I think the color you are going for is closer to Ecru than Pearl Grey. You could also try a VERY DILUTED Jet Black. Again, however, greys often come out on either on the warm or on the cool side of neutral, depending on your fabric. Achieving a truly neutral grey often requires toning. I think you'll probably be happier with Ecru. And remember, if it doesn't come out just the way you want it, you can always dye it again!
  • Thank you Asher, I was able to buy the silver grey and think by diluting it will get the colour I need. It is for an ivory bed valance to match doona cover. How do I put the diluted colour in front loader washing machine with the dye in the soluble packet.
  • Leonie,
    Using iDye in a front loader shouldn't be an issue. You just need to make sure that you add the dye during the long, wash cycle. Some fron loaders start with a flush, so if you put your dye in first thing, it can all end up going down the drain. Just watch a cycle to be sure you know at what point your machine holds water and agitates (wash cycle). I would also recommend pre-disolving the dye packet: drop the dye packet in a container of hot water and stir until it is disolved. You can then pour this into your machine. Also, make sure to run the machine on the hottest cycle! And just one last word of caution: dyes can be unpredicable. If you are trying to achieve a very specific color, it is always best to do a test first!
  • Thanks Asher for your helpful info, I think the colour will be ok, have checked the cycle.
  • I just tried dying five dining chair slipcovers following this tutorial ( well as the front loading instructions from the idye site. I ended up with pale, pale gray slipcovers covered with splotches of dark gray. Disaster! The only thing I did do differently was to add the salt to the dye/water mixture rather than dissolve it separately. Could this have made the difference? Also, I note in the response above that you mention putting the dye in first thing in some washers causes the dye to just run down the drain. I think this may be a big part of the problem in my case. When I poured the dye/water/salt mixture into my front-loader it all just seemed to drain through the holes. Why isn't this bit of information included in the idye front-loader instructions!? What do I do now? Do I have any recourse? Do I need to use color remover before attempting to dye the slipcovers again? Will it remove the splotches? Do I have any hope of dying these slipcovers and even gray color? Help!!
  • I forgot to add that I used three packets of dye, six cups of boiling water and two cups of non-iodized salt. I did all the slipcovers at once because I thought the results would be more consistent than dying two at a time.
  • Hello Lainakay,
    I think we have a couple issues going on here. It is possible that your washer did a prewash first and you lost your dye. This would cause the light color. I also would really recomend disolving the salt prior to it's introduction to the wash. Pouring it directly into the solution can work. However if it's poured directly on to the garment, it can cause less than desirable results.
    I would see if your washer has a prewash or not and possibly think about pre-disolving the dye packet and salt, and give it another try. I would definately recomend stripping the color first, though. If you e-mail me at I will instructuct customer service to send you a fee color remover.
  • Monte,
    Thank you for your help! I did pre-dissolve the dye and salt, just all in one bowl. Then I poured it into the washer. I'll check my washer's manual to see about the prewash. Do you have any tips for using the color remover on a large batch of fabric such as mine? Can it be done in the front-load washer as well?
    Thank you!