maximum temperature?
  • Hi
    I have just got my first lot of iDye. Today I decided to use it on my pillow covers and duvet. The fabric is 100%cotton, but it says maximum temperature for wash is 40degrees? These are very fine cotton (400thread) and I'm afraid I might destroy them by using the maximum temperature on my machine - 95degrees. I'm also worried that the dye wont take if I put them in at 40degrees.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  • Hi Neilank,
    The hotter you can get your dye bath, the deeper depth of shade you will be able to achieve. For intense colors, we actually recommend dyeing in a pot, on the stove top, at a simmer. If you are dyeing in your washing machine, use the hottest cycle possible--even hotter than 95F would be good, if possible. You will not damage your cotton at these temperatures. If your water is too cool, you will not be able to achieve bright or deep colors, and you may not get very even dyeing. For best results, turn up the heat! Your safest route will actually be the stove top method.
    I hope this is helpful!
  • Thank you Asher. I'm glad to hear that the cotton will not be damaged at this high temperature. I hope I wont lose the lovely silky feel on this duvet.