Sherrill's Sorbet Colors
  • Is there any way I can use Sherrill's Sorbet Color when working with Polymer Clay?
  • It should work to apply any of our thicker paints (Sherril's Sorbets, Lumiere, Textile Colors, Neopaque) to polymer clay AFTER the clay has been baked. My experience is that it works best if the clay has not been polished with anything before baking. (I have sometimes used baby powder to polish up a surface before baking) If you have any doubts--always test on a scrap before working on your finished project.

  • Thank you for the information. I've had the colors for sometime but couldn't find how to use them.
    Thanks again
  • My understanding is that as long as the ink is not water based it will fine to use as a mix into raw clay for coloring/tinting. I think this would allow for use of the Pinata inks, but I love some of the other colors in the other ink lines your company offers as well. Can you tell me which lines are not water based? Thanks!
  • Dear Beadtailor,

    The Pinata Colors are the only alcohol based inks we offer. The rest of our paints are waterbased.