Am I able to use Luminere metallic paint to paint a pair of denim (bleached) shorts?
  • I want to decorate a pair of denim shorts by painting them using the gorgeous colours of the Luminere paint, but I don't want the paint washing off when I wash the shorts, or even cracking and peeling. Also, I want to bleach the shorts, so would I still be able to successfully paint on them?

  • Lumiere is permanent and washable after heat setting. This just means that after the paint is dry (at least 24 hours), you want to iron it with a dry iron on the hottest temperature appropriate for the fabric. Iron the backside first, and then iron the topside through a thin piece of fabric or paper. After doing this, you'll be able to wash your shorts without any color coming off. The paint should not crack, peel, or flake either, especially if you keep the coat relatively thin. There is no reason using bleach should be a problem. But for best results, you probably want to bleach them BEFORE painting, not after...
  • Thankyou!!! :D