Tie-Dyeing Beach Towels
  • I am planning a birthday part of 8-10 children in a couple of weeks. We are planning on making beach towels. How many of the large kits would you recommend that I purchase to ensure coverage? Also how much time would you recommend for just the dying portion? I plan to have the towels pre-soaked in soda ash prior to the children arriving.

    Thank you.
  • Weigh the towels when they are dry (get on your bathroom scale with and without an armful of five towels, then do the math). Assume each pound of towel equals two adult-size t-shirts. Then you'll know how many kits you need to buy.

    I recommend you dampen the towels with plain water for the kids to tie (spin them to dampness in the washing machine), then, after the kids tie them, soak them in soda ash for ten or fifteen minutes, before applying the dye. It's not a good idea for kids (or anyone) to handle soda ash without gloves, but tying is a pain with gloves since the gloves always get caught in the rubber bands.


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  • Hi Paula, thank you for the tips, especially the one about the soda ash. I would hate for it to turn into an unenjoyable experience for anyone. I am so glad I now have an easy method for figuring out how much dye I will need.