Screen printing with Dyenaflow
  • I have used Dyenaflow on silk and am very happy with the results. I would like to expand and print with them on silk scarves but since the consistency is so thin, I have no clue on what to use to thicken them and have no hand after washing. I need suggestions please.
  • Although Jacquard sells a number of thickeners for dyes, unfortunately none of them would be appropriate for thickening Dye-Na-Flow, which is a paint. This is because paints have binders in them, and binders hold on to thickeners, which results in a stiffer hand. I would recommend using a thickened dye if you really want to keep the hand soft. But maybe you are trying to stick with a paint system? Switching from one to the other could be challenging, as dyes and paints are completely different animals. If you are looking for a pigmented systems (as opposed to a dye-based system), I would recommend printing with Versatex ( Versatex is a silk screening ink with VERY soft hand. It is not as soft as Dye-Na-Flow, but it is certainly one of the softest silk screening inks available. If you want something even softer, you could use Jacquard's Textile Colors ( The Textile Colors are very similar to Versatex in chemistry; they are just a little thinner. While this may make silk screening more challenging, it will leave a softer hand.