Dye n Flow
  • I am using dye flow paints on lycra. I have used the fixer because I did not want to heat set it. When I was the fabric it comes out much lighter. I have painted on a piece of cotton lycra but have not washed it yet. I am hoping it will not lighten the paint. Are there any suggestions for painting on lycra. I want it to be a blended effect. Almost a tie dye but more blended effect.
  • Hi there,
    Some suggestions to ensure bonding of the paint to your fabric.
    1. Before beginning to paint wash the fabric to remove any sizing the manufacturer may have used on the fabric.
    2. Allow the paint to dry 24 - 72 hours before washing.
    3. After allowing the paint to dry, tumble dry the garment/fabric for 20 minutes in your dryer at a setting appropriate to the fabric .
    In addition, some fabrics are a bit more persnickety when it comes to painting them so washing them by hand or with the right side turned in on a gentle cycle will help to reduce the possibility of paint loss.
  • Hi
    I wash the fabric. I checked with the place I ordered the paint and they said to let it dry 4 or 5 days before washing it. So I have tried that. The cotton lycra seems to have taken the paint better. What I did was paint on the fabric and then wet the fabric so that it would blend some. Maybe I am wetting the fabric too much. I put rock salt on the fabric and that looks neat. Maybe I just need to not wash it in the washing machine and just hand wash it.
    Thank you so much for responding to my post. I am determined to make it work.
  • Hi
    I wanted to let you know that I tried what you said except I put fixer in the paint. I worked perfectly. I put the fabric in the dryer and I actually put my washing machine on hand wash and it worked. I used cotton lycra and don't know if that helped. I just tried it on a piece of nylon lycra so I will know if a few days if it works. I am thinking that the hand wash is going to be the way to go. I had been putting it in the machine on regular cycle. I will just have to be sure and put tags on them that say hand wash. Thanks again for your help.
  • You are most welcome!
    In your previous post you mention that you wet the fabric to assist in blending. That might have been part of the problem. The good news is, with the addition of the fixative, you can continue to wet the fabric to assist with blending.
    Have fun! and we'd love to see some of your pieces on our Face Book page! https://www.facebook.com/JacquardProducts
  • I just reread my post. I did not mean to say I work perfectly. I meant to say it worked perfectly. My husband built me a stand to stretch my fabric over the weekend. I clip the fabric on the stand and then just paint and blend. I had to order more dye n flow. I started with the small container. I am graduating to the 32 oz size. I will try and post pictures later. Thanks again
  • well, as is becoming clearer and clearer - you do work perfectly! :)
    can't wait to see the pictures.