60% poly/ 35% nylon/ 5 spandex
  • Help! Help! I need to dye an ivory dress that has shell- 60% poly/ 35% nylon/ 5 spandex and lining that is 100% poly. I purchased the idye poly in brown and was hoping to get it to taupe/tan/ light brownish color. It says dryclean only..would I ruin the dress if I use stovetop method? Any tips/suggestions? First time ever dying garments :( Thanks
  • Forget this project and get something more dyeable for your first project. You can't dye anything that isn't washable, AND you can't dye a polyester/spandex blend.

    Polyester and spandex are dyed before they are combined into a garment, because their requirements are too different. Polyester must be boiled for some time to color it, using iDye Poly or another disperse dye, but spandex should never be boiled, because it will be damaged by the heat.

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  • I went against ur advice and instead of light brown or tan the dress turned out a purpleish color :'0( now what should I do? Help...again
  • I think you should consider buying another dress. Get one that's washable this time. You may have damaged the spandex in this one too badly for it to hang right.