idye poly question please help??....
  • Hello,

    I am hoping someone can help me with this question. I have a maxi dress 100% polyester. The colour was light grey. I used idye poly colour voilet today and it turned out exactly the colour that I had hoped for.

    However the problem was that when the dress dried the colour had not been distributed evenly. So my question is can I redye the dress to get a uniformed look? Or will I just end up getting some parts of the dress darker by redyeing?

    Please help if you can as I was hoping to wear this dress to a wedding this friday eeekk!!:)

    Thank you
  • Because dyes are transparent, your thought that the dye will simply create darker unevenness is correct. The best way to ensure an even dyeing, at this point, is to remove the color from the garment by using a color remover like iDye Color Remover or Jacquard Color Remover and redye the piece once all color has been removed.
  • That is great thank you for your help. I will do that so. Do you have any idea why the first dye was not uniformed? Just so I won't do it again:)

    Thanks :)
  • The most likely reason was that the dress was not moved around enough during the dyeing process.
    Sometimes, even though you might be stirring regularly during the dye process the garment will fold on itself and 'resist' the dye. It is not a bad idea to lift the garment (VERY carefully) from the pot and rearrange it back into to the pot once or twice during the dyeing.
  • Great thanks very much for that tip I will do thatn next time:)

    I can't seem to find the remover in my Country Ireland. Do you think I could use any fabric dye remover?

    Sorry for all the questions
  • I'd imagine any product labeled dye color remover should work for your purpose. Perhaps the staff at the store where you would purchase could answer more specifically?
    good luck!
  • Thank you so much you have been super helpful ;)