Jacquard screenprinting ink on plexiglas: curing time?
  • Hi there,

    I'm trying to screenprint a design onto plexiglas-- how long does this usually take to cure?

    I've done a test sample that I've flash cured and waited for 4 days, but it still scratches off very easily, and peels off in one piece.
  • Which screen ink are you using?
  • #117 Black screen printing ink. I've read somewhere that some inks take up to a month to cure completely, but I hope this isn't one of them!
  • redrabbit,

    We are doing some testing on our end - just to double check the JSI on plexi. We should have some results Monday.
    If you'd like to contact me directly we can trouble shoot more effectively over the phone: 800 442 0455
  • I haven't had time to do another try just yet. How did your testing run go?