Best choice of dyes for silk?
  • Hello again :),

    I'm planning to use the Jacquard paints/dyes, but I haven't worked with them before, so if anyone can suggest which type of paints/dyes will work best for professional painting of garment for my customers.

    I'll be using the following methods: serti, antifusant and watercolor + tie dye on 100% silk fabric (satin, crepe).

    Also, what other things (gutta, additives, etc..) I should use for best results and what cleaning restrictions should I let them know about (water temp., avoid certain detergents, etc...)?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  • Hello again!

    You have a number of choices for use when painting garments. As was discussed in the previous post, you can use Green Label Silk Dyes and either steam them or use the Dye Set Concentrate to set the dye. You may also use the Red Label Silk Dyes or the Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon dyes for with silk. Both of these products require steaming to set the dye.
    Another option, Dye-Na-Flow, is a very light bodied, transparent, flowable fabric paint is used by many silk artists. This product is set by pressing the fabric with a dry iron after the paint has been applied and allowed to completely dry. (See the paint label for full instructions.)
    For serti method painting you'll want to choose a resist. We offer both a Gutta resist in clear and colors as well as a Water-based resist in clear and Permanent Water-based resists in several colors. The clear Gutta and clear Water-based resist are meant to be removed after fixing of the dye or paint. Gutta resists are removable by dry cleaning only, however, the newer, greener dry cleaners often don't have the chemicals to do the job so you'd want to make sure your local dry cleaner can remove the Gutta. The clear Water-based resist is removed by washing it out after setting the dye or paint.
    Our No-Flow is an appropriate antifusant for use with both the dyes and the Dye-Na-Flow.
    We recommend cool washing temperatures and mild detergents as one would normally use when washing silk.
    Hope this helps.
  • Yes, thank you! :)
    But i have few more questions:
    1. Permanent Metallic Resist - do they leave a "gum feeling" on the painted silk, like you can feel it when you touch it? After using them
    on the garment, can the garment be dry-clean after use?? 2. Water Based Resist - can I add the green label silk color dye to this resist to get the colour I want?

    3. Im thinking of buying for testing also this Dye-na-flow paint, but just
    basic colours for mixing, so should i get this coulurs: yellow, magenta
    and cyan + black?

    Thank's again, and I'm looking fwd to your response :)
  • Regarding the (1) Permanent Water Based resists - there is a hand to these resist, it is not gummy, but you will certainly feel the resist line.
    (2) You may add the dye to the resist to dye the line. It is possible to use the Permanent Dye Set Concentrate for fixing when adding dye to Water Based resist, but we always recommend testing this method first. Best practice is to steam the fabric when you do this, to ensure the dye fixes.
    For the Dye-Na-Flow you could use #801 Sun Yellow, #809 Magenta, #813 Turquoise & # 829 Black.