Green Label Silk Colour dyes
  • Hi!

    I'm new here, and I'm looking for some help to this problem:
    Which method for setting/fixing the paint (green label silk color dye) should I use when I wish to paint my
    white (unpainted) silk blouse (the whole blouse to different colours). I know i can use Permanent Dyeset Concentrate
    , but I read that this may
    cause the paint to lose its brightness/shades, which I don't want it to happen.

    I read also that using a steamer might cause permament folds on the fabric if it isn't straighten. Is this correct? :confused:

    Any advice would be great. :)

    Thank you!
  • Besyli,

    While it is true that your colors will be somewhat brighter if you steam set rather than use the Dye Set Concentrate with the Green Label Silk dyes, there is a method that will help to ensure greater depth of shade with the Dye Set Concentrate.
    Because the Green Label Silk dye is a fiber reactive dye the setting process begins as soon as you touch the dye to the silk. And, because fiber reactive dyes require moisture to fix (unless you use something like the Dye Set Concentrate) you can facilitate the fixing process if you are able to maintain the moisture/dampness of the fabric for an extended amount of time (even a couple of hours) before allowing it to dry for immersion in the Dye Set Concentrate. This 'pre-setting' will assist in maintaining dept of shade.
    I also suspect there is someone out there that has had success steaming garments and perhaps one of those folks will have a suggestion for you to avoid the possibility of creases in your garment.
  • Thank you Anet for the quick response. I want to make sure I understand this correctly.

    So, if I want to use the Dye Set Concentrate to fix the dye to the garment, and not lose the brightness/shade of colours, I should keep the material moise for a couple of hours before I dry it and then use the Dye Set Concentrate to fix the material? What is the best way to keep it moist for that time?
  • The best way is to ensure slower drying times is to work in an environment that isn't too dry or hot.
    Because you are talking about painting garments it will be necessary to prevent the fabric from touching itself while it is still wet. You could use plastic sheeting or plastic wrap between the layers of fabric and then layer plastic over the top and under the entire piece.
    This may require a bit of a learning curve in order to develop a method that ensures the fabric does not touch itself while it is wet.