Idye Poly Question
  • I have a 100% poly beige robe I would like to die red for a costume. The problem is that I do not have or have access to a pot big enough to boil it on the stove. I do however have a large utility sink. Would I be able to get decent results by boiling my water on the stove and using the sink to dye in. I'm not looking for a deep color red but something like this

    This is what I have

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • Probably not. You're going to need to keep the iDye Poly dye boiling for a while after you add the robe to it. Try looking at a thrift store for a used pot that would be good for dyeing, or look for an inexpensive canner pot.

  • That's a bummer, but thank you for responding.
  • I found a couple galvanized steel tubs that would be big enough. Will the galvanized metal react adversely to the dye?
  • Well I successfully died my robe. But It seems to be a little too dark. Is there any way I can lighten it a few shades. Could I use rit color remover? Would boiling the robe in clean water remove some of the dye?