Iridescent white unitard
  • Greetings everyone! I have never done any dyeing before and am looking for advice.

    I have a white unitard (90% nylon, 10% spandex). I am looking for an iridescent effect (white with a rainbow sheen when you look at it from different angles). I am wondering if this would be possible with dip dyeing?

    Also, which dye should I use for this effect? I'm thinking one of the Pearl Ex colors, but I'm not sure which color: micropearl, pearl white, or macropearl? I don't know what the difference is between all of these. I'm looking for an effect like this or this.

    Also, sort of related, could I use the same powder for face/body makeup? How would I do that?

    Thanks everyone!
  • Hi There,

    The Pearl Ex powder is not a dye and would not work to create the effect you are after as a dip dye. To my knowledge there is no such dye available.
    We do have a very flowable transparent fabric paint - Dye-Na-Flow - into which you could mix the Pearl Ex. Then you could paint the Dye-Na-Flow onto the fabric and get some thing like the effect in your images. We recommend test this method to ensure that you are achieving the effect you want.
    The Pearl Ex powdered pigments are art materials and as such are NOT recommended for use on your face or body.
  • Thank you so much for your advice!

    Do you know which of the Pearl Ex colors would give me the effect I'm looking for?
  • The Interference colors would be your best starting place.