• I recently started using the red label dyes. I usually steam a small scarf for 1 hr . Why are the colors not very bright? On my last one I did not even dilute the dye solution!
  • What fabric are your scarves?
  • I mostly use Habotai silk scarves. Have used silk satin as well.
  • I'm at a loss as to why your colors are not remaining bright. Is there a possibility that your dyes are very old?
    It may be best if you call us at 800 442 0455 so we can trouble shoot with you.
  • Hi Anenette,
    My e mail bounced. So I am sending the details here again.
    Turquoise 30510
    Royal Blue 31683
    Cyan 32008
    Black 28707
    Magenta 29687
    Yellow 31615
  • i think time is the problem....maybe one hour is not enough.