Microwave silk scarf
  • I am new at this. I would like to make a silk scarf using the microwave technique. I will be using the Dynaflow paints. Is it okay to use this technique with these paints? Also, since I will be using the same microwave as I use for food is that okay? Thanks for your help.

  • Because you are using Dye-Na-Flow to create your art on the silk scarves we would not recommend using the microwave. Some folks use the microwave to set different types of dyes such as Acid dye and fiber reactive dyes, (Procion MX, Green & Red Label Silk Dyes, Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon). These can be set using this method (carefully!) but you would always be working with pieces that are still wet.
    As it is a paint, the best way to set the Dye-Na-Flow on fabric is to simply iron it with a dry iron once the paint is completely dry.
    And to your question regarding your food microwave - we always recommend using equipment dedicated specifically to dye or paint use.
  • Thank you for your response. It is very helpful. I'll do as you suggest.