tips please: how 2 dye faded felt cowboy hat
  • My husband has a dark chocolate felt cowboy hat he wears most of the time. It is badly faded where he handles it the most. Between the salt from his sweat, and the Arizona sun...his hat has seen better days, but he won't part with it.

    My favorite yarn shop, Tempe Yarn and Fiber, suggested I acid dye it with your product. Cowboy hat, washed, on the stove, add the dye, then vinegar, let simmer (leave out the bay leaf) and it will keep it's shape?)

    Or not so much?

    Is there a better solution, other than buying him a new hat? He's a stubborn one. I want spray paint, but he's not buying that.
  • The hat won't keep its shape. You'll have to reblock it, or pay a hat shop to do so. It's still a good idea. Be sure you've rinsed out all of the salt and dirt before you try applying dye.