gutta vs microwave
  • I have had some great results heat setting in the microwave. What happens to gutta resist when it is microwaved?
  • This is a new one on us...Our best guess is that the gutta will get tacky, probably stick to other parts of the fabric or to the paper you've wrapped your fabric in and it might be difficult to remove afterwards.
  • ok thanks! Now for issue #2. Will a scarf that has been dyed and gutta resisted, be alright if I set the dyes with dye set concentrate? For some reason I can't figure out how to remove the gutta. I must be missing something.

    Here is what happened with the first scarf I made. I soaked it in vinegar and water, dripped the dye onto it, microwaved it, then rinsed it. the colors were fine-no color loss. Then I decided that I it looked pretty as a background for more detailed work. I used the gutta resist, then did some gorgeous Irises on each end, then tested the colorfastness and the colors began to bleed. Luckily I was able to save it. I'm wondering if I needed to soak it in vinegar and water again b-4 I added the detail? But then it doesn't sound like the gutta would work with the microwave anyhow. Is my other option to use the concentrate, let it dry, then dry clean? It's too pretty to ruin! Sorry I'm such a newbie!
  • Which dyes are you using? Green Label Silk Dye, Red Label Silk Dye, Acid Dyes? This will make a difference regarding the method of fixation.
    About the gutta - if you are using the solvent based gutta you will need to have the piece dry cleaned to remove the gutta. We recommend 'old school' dry cleaners - the chemicals used by the newer/greener dry cleaners often won't remove the gutta. If you are using our water-based resist (clear) that is removed by simply washing it out after you've set the dyes.

  • I am using the green label dyes, and solvent based gutta. Sounds like I will need the dye set concentrate and a good dry cleaner?
  • You've got it! The Dyeset Concentrate will work to set the Green Label.