Stovetop dying with iDye
  • I'm planning to dye a babywearing wrap (a long piece of fabric for carry a baby in), its a cotton/hemp blend, and I want to dye it gray. I have two packs of iDye from G&S Dyes. I'll be using the stovetop method. I read that the pot and utensils shouldn't be used for food after. Is that forever, even after washing them out? I don't really have a pot that we won't need for food. Should I go out and buy a pot specifically for this?

    And, I read in some other posts about the dye bleeding out - not being a fibre reactive dye (or something) - is it a good idea for me to get some kind of fixative? Or buy that other kind of dye instead to use?
  • Why are you messing around with iDye? Fiber reactive dye you can do in a plastic wastebasket and it is much, much more washfast.
  • So now my problems are....

    Is it not going to stay in the clothing
    and will i have to buy a special pot??

  • We do recommend always using utensils dedicated to dyeing only. As for wash-fastness - generally speaking iDye is wash fast in cold water. Some of the reds are more likely to have issues with bleeding and we suggest using our iDye Fixative to ensure wash-fastness.