iDye keeps bleeding out
  • I just bought this to test out and love the color result but after 5 washes I am still getting big time bleeding out.
    I used as directed, washes fabric with synthropol as I usually do in preparation for dyeing, soaked with salt for 35 min. rinsed and washed two times on warm with detergent then three more with cold water.
    I put 2 white towels in with them during last two washes and they are very yellow.
    Color dye was chartreuse for naturals and fabric was bamboo and cotton.
    I had about 2.5 pounds of fabric.
    Any insight is appreciated. I like the ease of this and results but can't have fabric bleeding or needing this many post washes.
    Thanks! :)
  • IDye is direct dye. From what I hear, people like it a lot more than the direct dye in Rit brand dye, but it's still direct dye, so it cannot have the washfastness of a fiber reactive dye. (I myself strongly prefer Procion MX and vinyl sulfone dyes.)

    There is an easy solution for a problem with bleeding direct dye. No, it's not salt or vinegar. Purchase a cationic dye fixative. Jacquard's brand is Jacquard iDye Fixative (e.g., see Dharma's page). For more information about this general class of product see my page, Commercial Dye Fixatives. You don't need this fixative on fiber reactive dyes, but it is quite useful for direct dyes.