What method to achieve this effect
  • I also posted this in tye dying. I would like to replicate this effect. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you
  • Hi Carol,

    It looks almost as if there is a negative flower design on the garment? And the 'paint splotches' on the arms?
    There are a couple of ways to go with this - if you are working with cellulose fibers such as linen, cotton or rayon you can use a thickened Procion MX dye which would give you considerable control over how much and where you apply the dye. You'll find complete instructions here.
    Another option is our Dye-Na-Flow paint. This is a very flow-able, light bodied paint that will give you results very like a dye. You would want to consider using an antifusant like No Flow to help you control the migration of the paint through the fibers.
    We are happy to chat with you about this, if you'd like to call 800 442 0455.