Wool and Viscose
  • I am attempting to revive the color of my green jacket. The tag says it is a wool and viscose. What does this even mean for when I try to dye it? I know wool and viscose (aka rayon according to wikipedia) are natural fabrics. What would be the best way to go about this restoration process? HELP! Please!! Before I ruin my favorite jacket!
  • Hello,

    Because your coat is mixed fiber (wool = protein, viscose rayon = cellulose) you've a bit of a process to undergo in order to effectively dye both components of the fiber.
    Protein fibers require the use of Acid dyes and cellulose fibers require a fiber reactive dye such as Procion MX. If I were undertaking this project I would break it down to two separate dye baths, first dyeing the cellulose fibers using the Procion MX dye and then dyeing the protein portion with the Acid dye.
    If the fiber content of the jacket is 50/50 this should work well. If the content percentage is greater to one fiber type or the other it will still work well. If, however, the greater percentage is rayon it may not be necessary to redye with the Acid dye or if the fiber content is more wool than rayon you may not need to dye with the Procion MX. The links to the two dye types will give you instructions for dyeing.
    I'm happy to discuss this with you on the phone if that would be helpful.
  • The tag says it is 60% wool and 40% viscose. In my mind that means I would have to do two dyes since they are close to 50/50, correct?
    If I can somehow get in contact with you that would be great, thank you.
  • Hi,

    You can give us a call at 800 442 0455 - I'm happy to chat with you about this.

  • .....how do you clean it???

    I was browsing at TJ Maxx Home yesterday (awesome store!) and found some beautiful 8 X 10 throw rugs at great prices. I want to buy one for our living room to put over our wall-to-wall carpet and add a little color to the room.

    Our last throw rug was made of an artificial material (polypropylene) and it steam-cleaned like a dream. I HAVE to have a steam-cleanable carpet since I have pets. I know Home Decorators catalog and Overstock have beautiful wool rugs, too, but I've been avoiding them because I don't know how cleanable they are. Can you steam-clean a wool or viscose carpet??? Anybody know??