• I tie saltwater flies for fly fishing and my supplier of yak hair is no longer carrying it. I found an importer, got 2 pounds and I'm ready to go. Only thing is I need to dye some olive and some tan. I bought some Jacquard Acid Dye in those colors and want to give it a shot.

    What I plan to do is to use rain gutter cut to the length I need to use a dye tub. Then I can have a dye tub and a rinse tub.

    I can't "agitate" while dying because it well tangle, can I just swish it around some?

    Anyone ever done this?

    Any help well be appreciated.

    Here's what they look like.

  • Hi Lee-B,

    Your rain gutter is metal? And you'll be heating the water in it? You will want heat to get good colors with Acid Dyes and animal fibers.
    As for agitation verses swishing - gentle swishing is just fine and important as vigorous agitation can cause felting as well as tangling.
    And...to further avoid felting you'll want to immerse your Yak hair in the cool dye bath and slowly bring the temperature up to simmer.
    Hope this helps.