Discharged linen goes green
  • Hi everybody!! I've dyed some ecru linen fabric with deep violet procion mx, but I didn't like the result so I used Idye remover....The fabric seemed ok while in the discharge bath, but then it all turned green when I rinsed it...What did I do wrong? Is there anyway I can fix this? What would happen if I overdye it?
  • Hi there,

    Most dyes are actually a mixture of various colors of dye which allow the creation of an unlimited pallet of colors. In the case of a violet it would be a combo of reds and blues. As our color mixes are proprietary I can't speak to specific colors (as even I don't know them:) however, my most educated guess would be that the violet iDye contains a dye component which does not discharge well. Given the original color of ecru, I would guess that the dye was a blue of some sort (turquoise is a color that does not discharge well).
    If you choose to overdye the fabric keep in mind that the greenish hue remaining is going to affect the end result.
    If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to call into customer service at 800 442 0455.

  • Thanks for your reply!! Would it be safe then to use bleach to further dicharge the remaining dye?
  • A mild bleach solution would probably be helpful in removing the residual color. I wouldn't go too heavy on the bleach for fear of damaging the fabric. There are a number of options for use as a 'bleach stop' and Paula Burch discusses these on her forum here: http://www.pburch.net/drupal/?q=node/123

    (we love Paula!)