Jacquard Lumiere dying?
  • im looking to make a very glittery goldish color leather jacket, would vat dying be good for such a task?

    i like colors in Lumiere, maybe just airbrush thew whole thing? i dont know
  • Dyes are not metallic, so dyeing wouldn't give you the look that you are going for. In addition, the water would harden the leather. On untreated leather, Lumiere would give you a metallic look if you want to had paint. Otherwise, if you would like to airbrush, we have some metallic options in our Jacquard Airbrush line.

  • So airbrushing with the luminre is best option? my jacket is origanally White BTW if that makes any differance (id also like to try leather pants and those are a mahgany color origanally.
  • Lumiere straight from the bottle, doesn't have the consistency for airbrushing-it it too thick, which is why I suggested the Jacquard Airbrush Colors in metallic. While the metallic colors are opaque, they aren't 100% opaque, so you will see a difference between airbrushing the color onto a light background (the white leather jacket) and airbrushing it onto a dark background (mahogany leather pants). So, it would be best to use the same color garments for both.