Ebonizing Maple w/jet black Proxon MX
  • I have some "Jacquard Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye 1 oz. jar jet black" and hope to use it to ebonize a Maple wood bookcase base.

    Reading the posts, I see 'mix with water, then with alcohol' (ethanol).

    My question is - proportions? That is, is 'jet black' one of the colors that dissolves well in alcohol, or poorly?

    And given that, how should I proceed to mix what ratios of MX, water, and ethanol?

    Thanks for your advice!
  • Chris,

    The Jacquard Procion MX dyes actually are 2/3oz (smallest size), rather than an 1oz, so you'll want to make sure to note that with your formulas.
    ETOH should equal about 1% of solution. It's a wetting agent.

  • Thanks Jenny,

    What I really would like to know is the maximum percentage of Ethanol, and the minimal amount of water, that I can successfully use with this jet black dye.

    This is because when you brush water on newly sanded or planed wood, it 'raises the grain' - makes it fuzzy. Ethanol does not do this - so the more of it I can use, the less 'fuzziness' I will get on my Maple.

    Can you advise on this!

  • We're shooting from the hip, but here's what we think:

    Most dyes are not soluble in ethanol and instead are soluble in the water used to cut it. Its going to take quite a bit of experimenting to see how high you can go. If we were going to do some experimenting, we'd probably start at 10% ethanol. If we didn't run into issues at 10%, then we'd increase the concentration in 5% increments until issues arise.