duvet set
  • I just purchased a lightweight flannel duvet set for my king size bed. It included a king duvet and 2 king sized shams. They are 100% cotton. I am so happy with the set, as far as weight and feel, but am thinking of returning them because of the color. The fabric is a stark white background with a printed/dyed on chocolate brown paisley. I thought it was going to be an off white background.
    I have NO experience with dying fabric and am kind of scared to try it out on a brand new set this large. I just want to soften the white. Like a tea dyed affect. I guess I don't mind if the chocolate color changes, but would still like to keep the contrast of the browns. Is there a way to safely do this with the ecru dye? If so, how much would I need and what other items would I need to have on hand? All three pieces should fit in my washing machine fairly loose.
  • You want to prewash the duvet set at least once, but preferably a few times to remove any starches or stain fighters. Either the Jacquard Procion MX dyes or the iDye for Natural Fibers will be appropriate for 100% cotton.
    However, you will want to keep in mind that if the thread used to sew the duvet set is polyster, then it won't take the dye.

    For the lighter colors such as Ecru, we recommend using 3% dye powder by dry weight of the fabric that you are dyeing. Bulky items can sometimes be difficult to dye evenly. You'll want to make sure that you have enough water in the washing machine so that the fabric floats freely. You'll also want to be wearing some old clothes that you don't mind getting dye on and some rubber gloves so that you can manipulate the fabric in the washing machine to help all the fabric be exposed to the dye.

  • If I use less dye, will that just barely soften the white? Like, turn it to a soft cream?
    I have a large garden jet bathtub. I could try to dye the set in there to better ensure that it be able to float freely. Has anyone ever done this?
    Thanks for the fast reply!
    I noticed some people saying salt and something else. Do I need to have this on hand as well?
  • You can use less dye and can always redye it, if it comes out too light. Salt is recommended for both the Procion MX and the iDye for Natural Fibers. Instructions for both are downloadable from our website.