• My dress came out blotchy in the washing machine! Help!
  • If the dresses were new and hadn't been prewashed, then it might be that there was some sort of coating on the fabric-such as starches or stain fighers-that prevented even absorption of the dye. Otherwise, it could have been that the dresses weren't agitated enough in the dyebath or weren't full submerged.

  • Ok, but is there any way to fix the blotches after the fact. I just had one on mine.
  • The fabric should be scoured to try to remove any coatings (assuming that it might be the culprit). One could then use iDye Color Remover, Jacquard Color Remover or bleach to try to remove the dye and then redye it. When redyeing, it would be important to also make sure that the container holding the dye is large enough and filled with enough water and that the dyebath and garment are agitated enough.