Cleaning Sumi Brushes
  • I use the green label dyes and have been unable to get the black dye out of one of my sumi brushes. I have rinsed quite a bit and actually soaked them overnight in soapy water. After rinsing again, I am still blotting out black dye. Is there another way to clean them? Or should I use the dye set or only use that brush for black dye?

    Thanks for the info.

  • The black is pretty concentrated, so it could be more difficult than the other colors to remove completely. We'd recommend that you keep rinsing with warm running water or, if you'd rather not bother, you can dedicate that brush to only black dye.

  • I think I will just dedicate that brush to black. I have rinsed it quite a bit and I'm afraid if I try to scrub the dye out that I will lose the bristles. No sense in stressing over it. LOL

    Thanks again, Kelly :p