Dye a couch slipcover?
  • Hello all, I've never dyed anything large before (just tie-dyed tshirts in the past), but I have an off-white, 100% cotton couch slipcover that I'd like to dye black. I also have a smallish front-loading washer. I was reading about the iDye products, but wondered if a couch slipcover would be too large for the product to result in an even finish. Is this possible to do? I was also thinking of doing it the old-fashioned way- let it soak in a large tub and rinse it out manually, but I'm not sure which product to use to do this. Any advice? Thanks.
  • To get a deep dark black with the iDye for natural fibers would require following the stove top method. This obviously isn't feasible given the amount of fabric.

    Instead, Jacquard Procion MX dyes are appropriate for 100% cotton fabrics. Whether or not your front loading washing machine will work, depends on your particular model. As you'll see from the instructions, there is the addition of soda ash into the dyebath after the cycle has already started. Wether you can add the soda ash/water solution to a dispenser after the cycle has started depends on the type of machine.

    You might want to consider the bucket dyeing method or ask to use someone else's top loading machine.

  • Thanks so much- my washer won't allow me to add anything once the cycle has started, so I think I may just try the old school bucket dyeing method in a big Rubbermaid tub. This is a really great and helpful site. Thanks again!
  • You're welcome and good luck!