dying carpet in a bath?
  • Hi everyone.

    I am just wanting to dye my nylon automotive carpet a dark grey. I was recommended the jacquard acid dye, but the question i have is can i run a HOT bath, add the dye then carpet then vinegar? obviously i can't get it any hotter than what comes out of the hot water cylinder. Will this work?

    Or are there any better options?

  • What color is the carpet now? Has it been treated with any stainfighters, fire retardants, or other coatings? These coatings could prevent absorption of the dyes.

    The acid dyes work best at temperatures between 180 degrees F and 195 degrees F. Many times you can achieve satisfactory results at lower temperatures, but you wouldn't know until you tested it.

    Lastly, we don't really have what I would consider a "dark" grey. There is silver grey which is a light to medium grey and the gun metal, while dark, is very much blue in color.

  • The carpet is a kind of beige with green flecks, i have no idea wether it has been treated or not. Dam, i have gun metal thinking it was dark grey! Blue just won't work.

    I guess i will just give it a crack and see how it pans out.