Procion Dye Colors for Camouflage tie-dye
  • Every spring, for fathers day, we tie-dye a bunch of shirts.

    This year the oldest child wants to do a camo patterned shirt.

    Can someone provide me with a good list of the jacquard color numbers for 4 colors of Procion dye for a camouflage tie dye?

    I'd guess some kind of black and a tan and a couple different greens.

    Any "shades of blue" camo or "desert camo" color pallette suggestions are also welcome.


  • Well, you're in luck as we now make a camo tie dye kit. You can see it here:

    It contains premeasured amounts of olive, jet black and bronze colors as well as soda ash, rubber bands, pair of gloves and instructions.

  • I saw that. I don't want to do the bath dye step
    and I'd like more than 3 colors.

    To get them all ready to tie dye and then
    have to wait for 20 minutes for the bath dye step
    is not going to work for me.

  • In camo, you generally don't see white, which is why the shirt is dyed bronze first. You could purchase the colors separately and do the squirt bottle method, but you may end up with white areas.

  • I want to do a tie dye activity with cub scouts as well and I'm not sure I can ask 6 to 10 years olds to sit and wait 20 minutes for a dye bath to work.

    Do you have some color number or recipe suggestions for either a jungle camo or desert camo scheme? (3 or 4 colors each) using individual dyes
    in squirt bottles?

  • You can start with light tan shirts, or light olive. This eliminates any white spots. Mix your dye a little light to compensate. This way you don't have to wait 20 minutes for your shirts to get their first all-over color, they already have it!