3 day tie dye project
  • Good afternoon! Our Vacation Bible School is coming soon and we are wanting to do a shirt tie-dye project over the course of three days and only about 25 minutes per day to devote to these shirts. The adult helpers can work in the afternoon if some things have to get done after the children have left. My question is this: Do you have any suggestions on how to break up the project while allowing the right amount of dampness for the shirts before the dye is added or after the ash soak?
  • Day 1-Wet the shirts with tap water before the kids arrive. Allow them to bind their shirts.

    Day 2-Have the shirts presoaking in the soda ash solution for at least 20 minutes. Longer won't hurt, so if the helpers want to do it on the afternoon of Day 1 or morning of Day 2 then that's fine. 20 minutes or so before the kids arrive, have the adult helpers pull out the shirts from the soda ash solution and wring them out so they're not sopping wet. The kids then arrive and squirt dye on the shirts. The shirts then get wrapped in plastic and are left overnight.

    Day 3-Have the kids take home their shirts and have their parents rinse and wash them at home. Or, have the kids rinse the shirts out at VBS, have them take it home and have their parents wash it. What would be best, though, is to have adult workers who can rinse, wash and dry the shirts so that the parents don't have to deal with it. Optimum reaction time is 12-24 hours, so if an adult helper can do it earlier in the day that would be best. This way on day 3, the kids can admire their completed shirts.

  • This is Great info, thank you!!! 12-24 hours for optimum reaction time, that is where I am a little confused. It is best for the dye to stay on for 12-24 hours before washing? Or that time is from time of wash to time of wear? Not sure which steps it is best to have the time delay between?
  • 12-24 hours is the amount of time that the dye should stay on the shirt before it is washed. After the reaction time, the shirts can be washed, dried and worn right away.