Problem mixing Acid dyes
  • I am new to Jacquard acid dyes. Today I mixed up 8 colors, in new clean pint mason jars. I used 1 cup of hot but not boiling distilled water into each jar. I added one 1/2 oz bottle of acid dye to each jar and mixed them. 6 came out fine. The other two I have questions about.

    The first one is # 605 Pumpkin Orange lot number 14801. The dye did not want to disolve. There were dye particles that would sink to the bottom. Per the Jacquard instruction sheet, I added 1 tablespoon of 90% isopropyl alcohol as a wetting agent. It did not seem to help.

    I went on to mix other colors.

    The last one was #601 Yellow Sun lot number 13647. I mixed it up and it seemed to disolve all the dye.

    Both of these colors gelled as they cooled. The Pumpkin Orange is semi solid. I can tip the jar to almost 45 degrees before the gell slumps. It also left clumps of gell on the sides of the jar above the rest of the gell.

    The Yellow Sun gelled differently. The mix looks like disolved toilet paper floating in liquid. It is not thick. The liquid seperates and the stuff floating sinks. The liquid is a dark orange and the floating stuff is a lighter yellow. The liquid coats the glass with a pale yellow film.

    All the dye was purchased at the same time. Is this normal? Do I dare use it? Any suggestions?
  • The stock solutions that you mixed are at extremely high concentrations. They are actually higher than the solubility rating for most of these dyes. This will cause the gelling (once the solution cools) as well as the particulates at the bottom of the stock. A little heat will bring these dyes right back. The ones that have actual particles at the bottom will need a bit more water as well.

  • Can you clear up a question? In the instruction sheet it says that the dyes should be 4-8 % for use. the powder 1/2 oz to the 8 oz of water is 6.25%. If the 4-8 % is figured using the concetrated dye stock, then by my math you would need to add 16 cups of water to get the average %. Am I looking at this correctly? If the second case is true, why would the instructions call for adding 1/2 cup of water to the concentrate and trying it? It would seem to be way to little to affect the % in a meaningful way. You would have to add 1/2 cup 32 times to get to the correct range.
    I am not trying to be difficult, just trying to figure things out. I am finding the direction sheet doesn't give me enough information in a way that I understand to get started.
  • You are correct in that .5oz/8oz equals a stock solution of 6.25%. However, this is already in the middle of the recommended 4-8% final concentration, so you don't need to do as much dilution as you are thinking. 6.25% is indeed still pretty high, so if you add another 4oz of water, then you'll end up with a concentration a little above 4% (.5oz/12oz=4.17%). You'll find that this concentration is sufficient for most colors.

  • Hi Jenny
    Iam facing the same problem as gregdidge. My yellow sun keeps precipitating out the moment it cools. Do I have to keep it hot all the time I am painting? Will adding urea help?
  • Hi Sona,

    As Jenny recommends in the previous entry - adding another 1/2 cup (4 oz) water to your stock solution of 1/2 ounce dye to 8 oz water will probably take care of the precipitation issue and still give you very vibrant colors.