• can anyone advise if its possible to dye a woollen rug? I was thinking of sponge dyeing ?? thanks
  • Wool fiber dyes best with our Jacquard Acid dyes. However, the process involves immersing the item into a dyebath, not sponging it on.

    You could try using Dye-Na-Flow, which is a flowable, heat set fabric paint. Adding Jacquard Airfix or Versatex Fixer would allow it to air cure over time so that you wouldn't have to iron the whole rug. However, it can leave a slight hand (much lighter than thicker paints) and if the wool rug is fuzzy it might clump up the loose fiber. You would have to pick up a jar and do a test on a hidden part of the rug.

    If you have any questions, let me know.

  • thanks Jenny. This rug is very prone to fuzzing or releasing clumps of wool. Cant see how I could immerse the rug - dont really have anything big enough. Perhaps it isnt an option to dye it after all.
  • Yes, dyeing seems out of the question if the rug is too large to be immersed. Dye-Na-Flow seems like the only possible option, keeping in mind the concerns that I had.

    Good luck!