Painting upholstered flame stitched dining room chairs
  • Hello,

    I am changing from a traditional to a contemporary style in my house, and am in the process of painting over my very traditional dining room wallpaper with silver brush n leaf--and it is lovely (but time consuming). At any rate, now I want to paint the flame stitched upholstered dining room chairs in a silver paint to go with the walls. Everyone says it cannot be done.

    Please advise. Thanks!
  • There's an FAQ answer on my site here:

    Can furniture be dyed successfully?

    which links to a set of instructions here:

    Scarlet Zebra's Instructions for Painting Upholstered Furniture .

    Painting upholstered fabric does not work as well as reupholstering, and does not last as long. It's not even always cheaper. You might be able to do it anyway, though, with the right fabric paint. An excellent line of metallic fabric paints is Jacquard's Lumiere. You will probably have to special order it in order to get the large bottles that you will need for a big project.

  • Thank you so much Paula!

    I actually just got home from a 2 hour drive to "Joe's Art-a-rama" where I purchased a jar of metallic silver Lumiere. I have applied it to a test piece of the fabric and I'll wait 24 hours to see what happens. I am hopeful it won't be too shimmery. Not sure if I should apply with a sponge or brush as I don't want to pull the fabric too much....
  • Hello,

    My flame stitch material covered well--esp when I watered down the paint to let some of the pattern show through. Problem though: the fabric is now rough and scratchy.

    Should I lightly sand them and then repaint with a very weak solution of the Luniere?

    I'm seeing lots of gold and silver chairs in showrooms!