Pearl EX interference pigment powders
  • Hi folks. I have recently purchased some Pearl Ex interference powders. I have mixed the powders with a transparent medium for airbrushing. I have noticed though that the blue interference powder leaves an off axis yellow color as opposed to being translucent like the pearl white. Any tips on correcting this?
  • Hi,

    Interference colors are made by coating tiny mica flakes with an extremely thin coats of titanium dioxide. The colors have a flip effect and the yellowish cream shade you are seeing is probably caused when the color laying over a light background. The flip or blue shade is most noticeable over a dark color. The Pearl white isn't an interference color but an iridescent color and this is why you get the opaque white as opposed to the slightly yellow/cream flip color of the blue. Unfortunately I don’t think there is anything you can do to mask this as placing white over the interference blue will prevent the color from flipping.