BIG expensive disaster. Waiting to hear from Jacquard
  • I am a redhead and white doesn't suit me so I buy white items and dye them. I used I-Dye in Ecru for the first time this weekend and followed the instructions TO THE LETTER. Firstly, the smallest problem is that the dye hasn't taken on 99% of items - this could be something to do with the washing machine cylinder taking a turn when I switched the On button, and rejecting some of the dye. Secondly, I now have many new items with brown spots on where the dye has spotted onto the fabric. This was a very expensive project as these clothes are not wearable.
  • Hi Kathryn,

    So sorry to hear you've not had good results with the iDye. A couple of things I'd like to check on here - were all the fabrics 100% natural fibers - cotton, linen, rayon, etc. - and all the pieces had been pre-washed prior to dyeing? Also, what water temperature did you use?
    The spots sound like they are a result of dye that did not dissolve completely - that can be solved by pre-dissolving the dye in a quart jar of hot water, however it doesn't help you with the current issue.
    To remove the existing dye you can use Color Remover or iDye Color Remover.
    And, if you'd like to speak with a customer service rep, please call 800.442.0455