blue gloves in Tie Dye kit
  • Hiya, any thoughts on why I've so much trouble with the blue gloves that come in Tie Dye kit instead of the gloves that used to come in it? The new gloves are huge and loose (thy're made to be pooper scoopers). My hands ALWAYS end up wet - - either colored with dye, or wet with soda ash solution. I've tried tucking the gloves into the cuffs of the smock I wear when dyeing, but it does not stay. And that does not help protect the sleeves I wear under the smock. Plus liquid seems to leak in through finger tips anyway, though I am not completey SURE THIS is happening. In any case, I end up dyed, etc. Ideas anyone?
  • Hi

    The change of glove style was due to a move away from latex as this can sometimes cause problems for individuals who are allergic to it. However, it sounds as though either the dye is entering down the sleeve of the glove or there may be a hole in the pair that you own. The gloves in the kit are designed to be used by a broad spectrum of people unfortunately they can’t fit everybody perfectly. My advice would be to either tie a rubber band around your wrists to secure the sleeve or invest in a pair of long rubber cleaning or dish gloves from the grocery store. These are reusable and pretty robust.