Best paint for darkening parts of garment?
  • I recently commissioned a costume coat with brocade collar and cuffs-- unfortunately, when I received it the brocade sections were just too darned bright-- they're a bright candy-apple red when what I really wanted was a duller burgundy.

    Would I be able to use Dye-na Flow or a diluted solution of Textile, to paint the collar and cuffs in a darker brick red so they'll be darker in color? I don't think the coat is machine-washable (the rest of it is velvet)-- is there a way to avoid washing things and just heat-set the painted sections with an iron?

  • You can indeed use the Dye-Na-Flow to paint your collar and cuffs. I would recommend some practice painting to get a feel for how the paint flows. As for the issue of setting - you can use the Air Fix with the Dye-Na-Flow and that will allow for air curing the paint.